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“When I create what I do, I feel like I have a legit purpose. Scoring emotions by the day.”

TDW is the abbreviation under which composer, writer, singer, director, streamer, podcast maker and content creator Tom de Wit creates and releases everything he does.

From intense progressive metal albums (7 to date), to minisongs about silly subjects written in livestreams, to podcasts about heavy subjects like mental health, to documentaries about music festivals and everything in between…

TDW’s creative identity is a vast and broad one that can take many shapes, but always has recognizable hallmarks that bring it together.

Everything that happens under the TDW brand, stands for creative freedom through unexpected twists and turns. It stands for music and videos that have familiar touches yet also has an identity and feel of its own. It stands for a world of art that invites you to dive in if you dare.

This website serves as the main portal for all things TDW and we are working on making it as comprehensive as possible.

Check out my latest YouTube content here: