BLOG - First transmission (21st of Feb 2024)

Channel: 41 70 6F 63 61 6C 79 70 73 65 20 41 69 72 20 49
Intonation: Restless, Productive, Squashing frustration

Welcome back to my head. It’s full here as always. Multiple projects are happening. I like being busy. It keeps the demons at bay and all that.

Noticing a voice of anger in my head is becoming louder lately. It’s been there for many years, yet it’s growing in prominence. Is it just because I am a highly sensitive person (Or as others would say: A whiny little bitch who should just “man up” and not bother others with his existence) or because the world I live in seems to continuously shift in directions that make no sense constructively, ethically and logically by any stretch of the imagination.

“…You believe in the man in the poorly tailored suit. Whose promise of salvation rings hollow…”

The more I see ’cause and effect’ situations take place on a societal level, the less I understand it. I see incompetent screamers in charge of the world making ridiculous amounts of money, while so called “functioning adults” (citation morbidly needed) accept that as “the reality we just have to live with”…

“…And you cry once again when solutions don’t exist. You fell for the lie. You will be dismissed …”

So to calm the anger voice, I started gathering ideas for a new album. Rifffs, vocal lines, little bits and bobs. And an outline. I know what this will be on paper. But the music will have to reveal itself over time.

This will be a seperate release next to my RPG soundtrack project (for more on that, visit: that needs to get out. After the long process of writing the last Dreamwalkers Inc album, I notice that the writing buzz is strong. This new child needs to be birthed somewhere and it will be messy.

It’s been a few years since the double whammy of The Days The Clock Stopped & Fountains and the distance brought in by passing time, helps putting things into perspective. Especially because I don’t see the point in repeating myself. If you listen to my albums, there is a through-line and elements that make it mine (It is me making it after all), but every record has an identity of it’s own. I want to continue that trend.

This new record will be heavier. Much. Heavier.

Heavier in terms of vocals (yes, there will be screaming next to the melodies, because it feels like it’s needed). Heavier in terms of riffs and rhythms. Heavier in terms of subject matter. Heavier in what I want to say.

The listeners who prefer my calmer ballads and/or think prog stopped in the early 70s and who get a heart attack at screams and grunts, might not like this new album as much. However, those who are open to exploring this new path with me, might just end up finding something they like.

When will this be done? I don’t know.

Right now the focus is purely on the RPG soundtrack work and the other things I am working on as main projects. But this blog serves as a starting point and mission statement. The new TDW album is happening and I am anticipating it becoming not what you expect it to be.

Stay safe, stay healthy and stay happy.
Tom (TDW)

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